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TPD Certified 

Fully compliant with TPD regulations in EU and UK market. Sale allowed in EU and UK market.

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Up to 600 Puffs

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500mAh  Cobalt Battery

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9 Incredible Flavours To Experience

Extra smooth. Extra taste.

Image by Mikey Frost

Refreshingly zesty lemon and lime squeezed generously into a crisp soda, no ice!

Image by Allec Gomes

Sour kiwi, bitter-sweet passionfruit and soothing guava are a powerful and delicious combination.

Image by Nik

Picture a candy rainbow sprinkled in glittering sherbet stardust. The rainbow tastes somewhat similar.

Image by Patrick Pahlke

This sweet combination of blueberry and blackberry tastes so good, they went and made it into a person. Meet Mr Blue.

Image by Amit Lahav

Delicious gummy sweetness and chilled blue raspberries come together in this tangy fusion of sugary flavours.

Image by Slashio Photography

A juicy watermelon blended with the perfect level of sweetener and an invigorating ice hit will provide the ideal experience to quench a summer craving.

Image by Roksolana Zasiadko

Shades of deep red cherry offer a taste of late summer when the fruit tastes sweetest.

Image by Simone Secci
Image by Irene Ivantsova
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Sweet blueberries and sharp raspberry blend harmoniously in this smooth flavour.