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Dew Recycle

With the Dew Bin!

Company ethics has always been something that our shareholders value. This may come as a surprise, as, let's be honest, the tobacco industry hasn't always been forthcoming with its customers.

In 1950 Richard Doll and A. Bradford Hill provided clear evidence that smoking cigarettes were a contributing factor to the development of lung cancer, yet it wasn't until 2003 that warning messages regarding the dangers of tobacco products were required by law to be shown on the packaging. 

We at dew bar vow to be different. 

We separate the social issues regarding disposable cigarettes into two broad categories.

>environmental concerns

>protect our youth  

We take steps to stop our product from falling into underage hands by asking that you contact us if you find a child using our device. By using the same code which identifies the product as legitimate (not a knockoff), we can identify which retailer supplied the device, so we can take actionable measures which help to prevent this from happening again.

As far as environmental concerns go, no less than the overall design of the final product was considered, which resulted in a product that is 90% recyclable. The majority of the product (by weight) is an aluminium outer coat and a cobalt battery, both of which are recyclable materials.

Another challenge in reducing the environmental impact of the dew bar is to make it as easy as possible for consumers to dispose of the product into a waste stream which will result in the recycling of the product (aka not into a rubbish tip).

The Dew Recycle initiative works with our frontline retailers, providing a point of drop-off for repeat customers. Introducing the Dew Bin.

That's all it takes, just drop the vape into the bin and we take care of the rest. 

We are currently in our pilot phase working with select retailers throughout the northwest and the midlands and have plans to implement a nationwide scheme in the near future.

Disposable vapes are a great device for people looking to switch from cigarettes to a less harmful form of smoking. We believe this decision shouldn't burden anyone with the discomfort of having a detrimental impact on the environment. 

For customers who wish to be more environmentally conscious…

Consider Dewbar.

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